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Tiger of the Snows

Tiger of the Snows


Tenzing; Ullman, James Ramsey.  Tiger of the Snows. New York: Putnam. 1955

"There are brief accounts of his many climbs and some interesting (and charitable) opinions of the European climbers by whom he was employed, and a simple and delightful account of the Great Ascent of Everest itself. Then follows the story of the party’s return to civilization and the simple and straightforward way in which Tenzing avoided being used as a pawn in the political game between India and Britain. In this reviewer’s opinion this book should have a place in every mountaineering library." from the book review by Oscar R. Houston from the American Alpine Club Journal, Vol 10, Issue 1, Page 176, 1956. Read the full review here.

Hardcover. 294 pages. Cover good condition with fading and foxing around the edges and spine. Pages in good condition with fading around the edges. Dust jacket in good condition with wear and chips around edges and a tear on the top left cover. 

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