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Simpson, Joe. This Game of Ghosts. Seattle: The Mountaineers. 1994

"Like Touching the Void, this book is written with introspective conviction. Be prepared for the occasional outburst of doom-hung philosophy, with allusions to Sartre, and poetry of Siegfried Sassoon and Christina Rossetti. And be ready to laugh, for Simpson has a saving sense of humor. The dominant mood, however is in the title of the first chapter, “Fear is the Key.” I know of no mountaineering writer better than Simpson at conveying this emotion. Look at the photographs of him and his partner after a night hanging from the precarious rope handrail on the Bonatti Pillar, after their bivouac ledge had broken loose, shredding their climbing ropes as it went. “Fear shows in their eyes,” the photo caption needlessly reads. This Game of Ghosts is testimony to what those eyes have seen." From Steve Jervis's review in the American Alpine Club Journal Vol. 69. Issue 37. Page 340. 1995. Read the full review here

Hardcover. 320 pages. Dust jacket. Cover and pages in very good condition. Dust jacket in good condition with no tears of fading.

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