The Purcell Range of British Columbia (Used)

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Thorington, J. Monroe. The Purcell Range of British Columbia. New York: American Alpine Club. 1946

Condition: Hardcover. Good. Ex-library. Includes stamps and stickers. Clean pages and tight binding. 


"This is the first book dealing solely with the Purcell Range in terms of its history, topography and mountaineering. The narrative is based chiefly on the author’s four seasons with the guide Conrad Kain in the principal eastern valleys of the range, and covers the watershed from the spectacular Bugaboo peaks in the north to the sources of St. Mary River in the South, details of the country south of Earl Grey Pass being presented for the first time. It should, therefore, prove useful to mountaineers who wish to explore the remaining unvisited corners of an unusual region, an adjacent rival of the Selkirk Range. The new maps will facilitate this, as will also the large number of illustrations."  - From the book review in the American Alpine Club Journal 1946. Vol. 6 Issue 18. Page 160


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