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The Picture of Everest

The Picture of Everest


Gregory, Alfred. The Picture of Everest. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. Inc. 1954.

"Since the recent improvements in photography and the reproduction of photographs, it has become customary to publish a picture book of every important expedition (sometimes two of them) in addition to the complete book on the expedition. This is an excellent idea. There is much truth in the saying “One picture is worth a thousand words,” and the reading public can get a much better and more accurate conception of the Himalayas from a book of pictures than from any number of texts. Next to seeing the mountains yourself comes a good color photograph." Excerpt from the review in the American Alpine Club Journal Vol. 9 Issue 2. Page 201. 1955. Read the full review here.

Hardcover. 96 pages. Dust jacket. Cover and pages in very good condition. Dust jacket in good condition with fading on the spine. Dust jacket is torn and bent on the lower middle of the back of the dust jacket.

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