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The Crystal Horizon

The Crystal Horizon


Messner, Reinhold. The Crystal Horizon. Seattle: The Mountaineers. 1989

"On 20 August 1980 Reinhold Messner reached the summit of Everest alone and without the use of oxygen. His vivid account of this exraordinary achievement forms the core of The Crystal Horizon but it is not merely an adventure story. Messner describes with clarity and passion his journey through Tibet, his emotional reactions to this mysterious country of snow peaks, ruined monasteries and yak caravans. He identifies with the legendary mountaineers who have been before him and Mallory, Irvine and Wilson come to life as he makes his ascent to the "roof of the world". The glittering light and oxygen-starved air lead Messner to profound reflection and a mountaineering adventure becomes the vehicle for an exploration of self and the world." Blurb from inside dust-jacket

Hardcover. 322 Pages. Dust-jacket, cover and pages all in fine condition. 

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