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Osius, Alison. Second Ascent: The Story of Hugh Herr. Harrisburg: Stackpole Books. 1991. First Edition

"I knew Hugh Herr. First, as a teen-age prodigy smoking his way through Shawangunk test-pieces. (He soloed “P.R.”, 5.11+ , when he was sixteen.) Then, after the event which cost him both legs, I knew him during his remarkable recovery and spectacular comeback as the Mechanical Boy, a prodigious feat of an altogether higher order of magnitude. We weren’t close, not even casual friends, barely acquaintances. But I had a strong sense of Hugh Herr. And I can tell you that the portrait Alison Osius paints in her stunning biography, Second Ascent, The Story of Hugh Herr, captures his likeness with total accuracy." Excerpt from Jon Ross's review in the American Alpine Club Journal Vol. 34. Issue 66. Page 286. 1992. Read the full review here.

Hardcover. 235 Pages. Dust Jacket. Cover, pages and dust jacket all in good condition.

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