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Restop 2 Bag 5-Pack

Restop 2 Bag 5-Pack


When you purchase this item, a portion of the proceeds are donated to our Conservation Programs

Staff Testimonial:

"I'm not interested in digging into someone else's catholes, so I stocked up on a few Restops.  Restop gives me just the right amount of toilet paper, which is great.  When I think of all the gross things that are already on my climbing rope, I'm glad my own poop isn't one of them."

- Ron Funderburke, Education Manager

There are few things less pleasant than detecting the scent of human waste while belaying at your local crag or uncovering someone else's number two when digging your own cat hole. Don't be that guy by pooping in a bag you can do your part to keep our climbing areas healthy and protect access.

The bag-within-a-bag design seals in odors, using polymers and enzymes to absorb moisture, neutralize odor and break down the waste. Simply lay the bag out on the ground, do your business, and fold the inner bag into the outer bag. Once you're back to civilization, dispose of the bag in any trash receptacle.

  • Outer Mylar bag with zip-lock closure
  • Toilet paper and moist towelette included
  • Mesh bag to carry out waste included

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