November 1924 - Trail & Timberline - Ascent of Monte Rosa, Hobnails, etc.

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The Trail & Timberline is the publication of the Colorado Mountain Club. It has been published since April 1918. The early issues cannot be found for purchase anywhere else.

Condition: all issues are very old and have normal wear. Many issues have hole punches that do not obscure text. No major damage. Inquiries for the condition of a specific issues are welcome:


November 1924 includes a articles on an ascent of Monte Rosa, hobnails, Denver doings, etc.


The American Alpine Club Library maintains the Colorado Mountain Club archives, including thousands of duplicate copies of past issues of the Trail & Timberline. We have 10 copies of each issue of the T&T saved for the archives. All these issues listed are overstock.

Sales from the extra Trail & Timberline issues will go directly to purchase archival supplies and other items needed for the maintenance of the Colorado Mountain Club archives.