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Kukuczka, Jerzy. My Vertical World. Seattle: The Mountaineers. 1992

"This book is more a chronicle of remarkable mountaineering achievements that provides clues to Jerzy Kukuczka’s personal side, than a revealing autobiography. The text suffers somewhat, perhaps in its translation to English. The photographs generally lack imagination and drama. Yet, what shines through is the indominatable spirit of a man who realized his highest dreams despite a hostile, oppressive government and a harsh, sometimes dangerous environment. My Vertical World is an important work in the library of modern achievement and classical mountaineering." From the review by Gary Rugger, M.D. in the American Alpine Club Journal Vol. 35. Issue 67. 1993. Page 300. Read the full review here.

Hardcover. 189 pages. Cover, pages, and dust-jacket all in fine condition.

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