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In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods

In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods


Rowell, Galen. In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books. 1977

"Rowell seems to have a bias against authority in the form of expedition leaders or alpine clubs, and some of his conclusions are questionable. There are minor errors, such as George Bell’s picture being titled Art Gilkey, but Rowell writes vividly and the book, a major document in the history of K2, may some day well become a collector’s item." Excerpt from William P. House's review in the American Alpine Club Journal Vol. 21 Issue 2. Page 656. 1978. Read the full review here.

Hardcover. 326 pages. Dust jacket. Cover, pages and dust jacket in good condition with minor shelf wear and some fading around the edges. Tear and wear on the top spine of the dust jacket.

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