AAJ Digital Collections — The Everest Collection 1929-2012

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This one-of-a-kind anthology is all Everest and pure AAJ, covering nearly 75 years of history, success & failure, human drama, and unyielding perspective on the world's highest mountain. This digital collection was curated by former AAJ editor, John Harlin III, who writes in his preface to this edition:

"What I enjoyed most about compiling this volume was spotting the trends. In one year we’ll hear rumors or plans. The next year we’ll learn what actually happened—typically a failed attempt. Later another attempt. Eventually success. But those are just routes. There are also trends in the use of bottled oxygen, in the size of expeditions, in attitudes about the environment and the people who live there. We meet up-and-coming climbers. Years later, we read their obituaries."


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