1946 Reprint - American Alpine Journal - Special War Number

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This is the 1991 Reprint of the 1946 Special War Number. It was reprinted for the 1991 Annual Benefit Dinner in honor of the 45th anniversary.

Special War Number - Volume VI, Number 2, Issue 19, Paperback, 76 pages

Contents: Dedication; Foreword; Notes on Contributors; 29,000 Feet by Charles S. Houston; The Tenth Mountain Division by Albert H. Jackman; What's Behind that Battle Star by Hugh W. Evans; Training Mountain Troops in the Canadian Rockies by Rex Gibson; Italy: The Riva Ridge by Wilson Ware; Making Climate an Ally by Weldon F. HealdMountain Equipment for the U.S. Army by William P. House; Personal Equipment by Bradford Washburn; Mountain Intelligence by H. Carter Adams; An Outline of Alpine Strategy in World War II by J. Monroe Thorington; Letter--Army Service Forces. Includes folding panorama of Riva Ridge and "Front Line" in Italy.


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