1943 - American Alpine Journal

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Condition: Clean copies. Normal wear due to age. Book was bound with paper on spine with slight creased, some marks and toned. Tight binding. These have been sitting in storage for decades. Never been owned before.


Volume V, Number 1, Issue 15, Paperback, 162 pages.

Contents: Mt. McKinley, 1942 by Robert H. Bates; Mountaineering and Mysticism by J. W. A. Hickson, Mt. Queen Bess by Henry S. Hall, Jr.; Climbing and Skiing in the Waddington Area by Fred Beckey; Storm and Snow in the Selkirks by Andrew John Kauffman, 2nd; Mountaineering Youth by Norman Bright; Song of the Wandering by Hans Moldenhauer; The North Ridge of Mt. Owen by Merrill McLane; Longs Peak  by Robert M. Ormes; Huagoruncho 1941 by Robert H. Bishop, III; Climbing the Pico de Orizaba by Georges Estoppey; A Chamois Hunt at Anzeindaz in 1770; The Location of Mt. Milton by Raymond T. Zillmer; The Führerbücher of Hans and Christian Kaufmann; Some Mountain Stamps by Joel E. Fisher; Proceedings; Reviews; Notes.


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