1942 - American Alpine Journal

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Condition: Near Fine. These copies have been stored since publication in 1942. Tight binding, no markings, normal wear from age. Very minor yellowing from age. 


Volume IV, Number 3, Issue 14, Paperback, 176 pages.

Contents: The Ascent of Mt. Hayes by Bradford Washburn; A New Ascent in the Hayes Range by Benjamin Greely Ferris, Jr.; Parachutes in the St. Elias Range by Walter A. Wood, Jr.; Above the Whirlwind by Robert H. Bates; Reminiscences of Mt. St. Elias by William Williams; More About the Santa Marta by Elizabeth S. Cowles; Cambridge Climbing by David Allan Robertson, Jr.; A Symphony of Mountains by Hans Moldenhauer; Mathias Zdarsky, Pioneer of Alpine Skiing by Paul Schlesinger; Exploration of the Northern Monashee Range by Raymond T. Zillmer; Last of the Bugaboos by Lloyd Anderson; The Ascent of Mt. Grenville by Polly Prescott; An Ascent in the Seven Sisters Range by Neal M. Carter; Altitude Sickness and Climbing by Charles S. Houston; Stranger Than Face: The Climber in Fiction by E. Cushing and J. M. Thorington; Early American Travellers in the Alps: John Morgan and Peter Irving; Proceedings; Reviews; Notes.


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