1941 - American Alpine Journal

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Condition: Very Good - Near Fine. These copies have been in a box since they were published in 1941. They have barely been handled, but do show signs of normal wear from age and sun with yellowed covers.

Volume IV, Number 2, Issue 13, Softcover, 170 pages

Contents: The Ascent of Mt. Bertha by Bradford Washburn; Climbs in the High Andes of Peru by William F. Jenks; Early Days in the Canadian Rockies by Walter D. Wilcox; After Forty Years by J. Henry Scattergood; Paintbrush on the Heights by Belmore Browne; The Lunar Peaks by Anderson Bakewell; Mountaineering Photography -- Old Style by W. H. Jackson; A Bugaboo No Longer by Raffi Bedayan; Wind River Holiday by Beckett Howorth; The West Face of the Grand Teton by Henry Coulter; The North Face of Lone Eagle by Robert M. Ormes; The First Mountain Ascent in North America by Orrin H. Bonney; Alpine Panoramas and Peepshows by J. Monroe Thorington; Proceedings; Reviews; Notes.



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