The Endless Knot

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Diemberger, Kurt. The Endless Knot: K2, Mountain of Dreams and Destiny. London: Grafton Books. 1991

"The Endless Knot: K2, Mountain of Dreams and Destiny. Kurt Diemberger. Translated by Audrey Salkeld. Grafton Books, London, 1991. 308 pages, profusely illustrated; diagrams and tables, necrology and bibliography. $32. This is not so much a mountaineering book as a love story. A story of the love between a man and a woman and their passion for mountains. A soliloquy rather than a narrative, a story of death and disaster with few heroes." From the Charles S. Houston, M.D. review in the American Alpine Club Journal Vol. 34 Issue 66. Page 277. 1992. Read the full review here.  

Hardcover. Cover, pages, and dust-jacket in good condition. 308 pages.

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