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By Jonathan Waterman

Dive into a book from our archives and discover the history that lies within its pages. 

Jonathan Waterman occupies a unique vantage point from which to survey the peaks of the Alaska Range. His perspective, gained as both a mountaineer and Mountaineering Ranger with Denali National Park and Preserve, allows him to render the arctic wilderness more accessible but no less harsh. He is well acquainted with his subject, having participated in numerous expeditions in Alaska.

After a bout with high altitude pulmonary edema and a case of frostbite incurred during his second winter ascent of Denali, Waterman turned to rescue coordination for the Denali Nation Park and Preserve for several seasons.

He is the author of Surviving Denali; A Study of Accidents on Mount McKinley, In the Shadow of Denali (Dell), Kayaking the Vermilion Sea (Simon & Schuster), a book about Mount St. Elias (Henry Holt & Co.), and editor of Cloud Dancers.

  • Paperback, 398 pages
  • The AAC Press, 1996
  • Limited availability

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