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Double-up on limited-edition hardcover editions of the American Alpine Journal and save big—you'll get BOTH the 2012 and 2013 books (a nearly 40% discount). Don't miss this chance to add these amazing pieces of climbing memorabilia to your collection. Sale ends Nov 11.


2012 AAJ:

The 2012 hardcover AAJ is an exclusive, limited-edition (only 150 printed), hardbound, 400-page book, which features a special print of the Garhwal Himalaya, hand-signed by the artist Renan Ozturk. The print reflects Ozturk's history-making first ascent of the Sharks Fin on Meru, a feature story in this edition. 


2013 AAJ

The 2013 hardbound edition of the AAJ is dedicated to desert climbing pioneers Harvey Carter and Layton Kor, both of whom passed away while the AAJ was in production. The hardcover AAJ is an exclusive, limited-edition book, and only 150 were printed. Each book is hand-signed by Huntley Ingalls, who partnered with Kor on the two most important climbs in the Utah desert: Castleton Tower and the Titan (climbs which paved the way for Harvey Carter and others yet to come). Steve "Crusher" Bartlett's photo of the Fisher Towers adorns the inside cover, and each copy also contains a special Collector's Edition gloss insert with an essay written by Huntley Ingalls, entitled "The Colorado Plateau".